Finance Committee

Mary-Ann Bjornsti
The functions of the Finance Committee are to review the annual budget and be responsible for its presentation to Council, assure an annual audit of the Society's finances and to make available the results of the audit to the Council, advise Council on the investment needs of Society funds, periodically review the sources of the Society's revenue and assess the appropriateness of the use of funds from various sources for the different activities of the Society, explore possible additional sources of revenue for support of current and future operation of the Society, review requests for the use of Society funds other than as provided for in the budget and to advise Council in such matters, and advise Council of legislative developments which may affect the fiscal operation of the Society. The Finance Committee meets at the annual meeting immediately prior to Council, and immediately prior to Fall Council meeting Composition: Seven (7) members of the Society: • Secretary/Treasurer, Chair • Secretary/Treasurer-Elect • Past Secretary/Treasurer • Chair of Board of Publications Trustees • Chair of Subcommittee on Investments • Two (2) members appointed by the President, subject to approval by Council • Executive Officer, ex officio • Accountant, ex officio Term: Three (3) year term Chair: Secretary/Treasurer Authority: By-laws